Violin Down

A Heart Warming Story of Triumph over Adversity

“My heart pulses with the music's rhythm, but it also pounds with the deep fulfillment I feel playing the violin in a great symphony orchestra. I cherish each note with vibrato and sing through every phrase as if it's the last music I'll ever play”

After achieving near prodigy status with the violin, John Weller put down the instrument for more than two years after a catastrophic event.

Violin Down is the true story of a tremendous fall from grace, of a young man who lost the gift of music through a catastrophic event, his lifelong effort to recapture his passion, and the scars of a struggle that remain etched forever.

Violin Down chronicles how John overcame his personal adversity to achieve greatness, and his subsequent successful career as Assistant Concertmaster of the Seattle Symphony.

“In only these few moments of time, the violin mutated from a symbiotic extension of my own body to a totally foreign object in my hand. I plunged from the top of the world to utter, nauseous, desperation. To my horror I could no longer play the violin.

I couldn't play Yankee Doodle.”